Dedicated Miles Citian
Posted by David Schott (+17407) 18 years ago
Some of my posts on may seem a little cynical and some of you may think I'm just an old grouch. So, I thought I'd try tossing out some "good news" for a change of pace.

Each year my parents give me a subscription to the "Miles City Star" -- a wonderful gift that allows me to keep in touch with my hometown.

While eating lunch today I read a story in the "Star" about the City of Miles City's director of engineering, Pat Rogers. The story said that effective December 31st, Pat is retiring from his position after THIRTY YEARS of working for the city. Thirty years is a long time to work for the same employer, and while I don't know Pat, from reading the article I get the sense that he was very dedicated to his job and to the community he served. I bet Pat could tell some stories of misery having to deal with things like broken water mains in the dead of winter or being called in the middle of the night or in the middle of a holiday dinner and so on. I'll bet he encountered the occasional upset citizen or demanding council member or mayor and I'll bet there were times when he wondered whether it was all worth it, but he stuck with it. All of Miles City and many a visitor has benefited from Pat's hard work over those 30 years. It's amazing that there are public servants like Pat who are so dedicated to making our cities a better place to live.

I for one would like to say thank you, Pat, for a job well done and congratulations on a well-deserved retirement. May you be an inspiration to those who follow.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

- Dave