Paddle Fishing
Posted by Heather McCracken (+16) 16 years ago
Can anyone tell me when the paddlefish make their run(or if they still do)? I'm hoping to make a trip home and would love to be able to show my kids.

I thought it was in May which would be perfect as I'm planning this trip around the Bucking Horse Sale.

I've been gone for 25yrs (or more) and I'd love to get in touch with any old friends if they're still around.

You can e-mail me at [email protected]

Heather McCracken (Frederick)
Posted by teeny wells (+30) 16 years ago
isn't paddle fish those funny looking fish that's in the river?
Posted by John Morford (+348) 16 years ago
Here are some links that will answer your questions.


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Posted by James (+100) 16 years ago
Did you use to be part of the old Moose lodge gang?
Posted by teeny wells (+30) 16 years ago
thank you. I remember seeing pictures of that fish when I was growing up in Miles.