Where is the Mayor?
Posted by redmondroughneck (+81) 11 years ago
As a long time resident who no longer lives In Miles City I was looking forward to reading in the Miles City Star the exploits of Mayor Grenz's second try at leading Miles City. I must say I really miss all of the fun that Butch created in his abbreviated first term. Maybe there are good reasons why I haven't read much about the Mayor this year:

1. Is Butch allowed to attend council meetings?
2. Does attorney Jerry Huss require Butch to be muzzled?
3. Did Gloria wire Butch's mouth shut?
4. Is the left-wing Miles City Star editing Butch's comments at meetings?
5. Is Butch deceased and they just bring a a stuffed body to the meetings?

Someone please fill me in on the real story
Posted by Maryann McDaniel (+249) 11 years ago
Do you mean to tell me that another member of the Custer County High School Class of 1966 has died? No way! Where is our Senior Class Historian? (Forgot who that was...maybe //oh hell!) If there is a stuffed specimen being brought into the city hall chambers, I hope, as a former, Miles City Star reporter, someone would "report" on this.
Butch is one of my favorite folks in Miles City.
Posted by Former (+186) 11 years ago
Out trolling the internet today, are we?

Something tells me that Butch is doing more the community than you are, generally speaking.

(responding to the glorious first post in this thread)

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Posted by Diane Grutkowski (+216) 11 years ago
How brave you are redmondroughneck

I wonder if you would be so openly sharing your caustic comments if you were using your real name.

"If you can't sign it, don't say it."
Posted by Buck Showalter (+4460) 11 years ago
I believe you mean, "Say it, don't spray it."