Looking for grave Jenny SHOGREN and baby 1900's
Posted by Dennis G. Shogren (+9) 10 years ago
My grandfather Fred Shogren's first wife and child died in child birth sometime in the early 1900's. He married his second wife in 1916 and moved to Butte where my Uncle Fred was born in 1917. He worked for the Oregon Short Line Railroad in 1907. I know she lived and died in Miles City Montana but not the year they got married and lived in Miles City. I don't know her madien name. Thank you for any information. I live in Washington State so it's hard for me to be out there.
Posted by Jessica Culver (+77) 10 years ago
Dennis, I looked through findagrave.com in the Old Calvary, Calvary, and Custer County cemeteries and didn't find anyone with the last name Shogren.
Posted by N Luther (+10) 10 years ago
I have checked the Montana Death Indexes to 1900. Nothing for them but her husband is there is there. Plus a lady who was probably his second wife. Since he worked for the railroad there would be a good chance the bodies were shipped back to wherever their families lived
Do you know where they came from?.
Posted by Jessica Culver (+77) 10 years ago
I'm having a very difficult time finding her, as well - I can't find census records with them, or anything else. I did find a copy of his marriage certificate from his 2nd wife, though.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+587) 10 years ago
I need more info. because I found three Freds.
Is yours Fred A. for Antonio? Married to Sena? Born in Illinois? Lived in Missoula prior to Butte?
Posted by Katlan (+158) 10 years ago
Please contact me or go to familysearch.org//
they have two marriages for him.
plus if you go to findagrave.com for Emmi Leino Shoogren//this is the
death of wife.

[email protected]
Posted by mckee (+391) 10 years ago
Arlene you are so good.