Old Tongue River Bridge
Posted by Fred South (+161) 16 years ago
What was done with the old Tongue River Bridge?
Posted by Chad (+1761) 16 years ago

If you're talking about the one that was removed at Pacific Street, it was slid off the river and then chopped to pieces. John Muggli has some of the parts in his yard east of town. The rest went to the scrap yard.

The sad part of the tale is that MDOT set aside about $30k for it to be pulled off and moved to another site. I expressed interest and described my plan to move it to my property and make it into an art studio and work shop by leaving the bridge structure intact and covering it with a metal skin. MDOT told me it had to remain a bridge and my project changed the use. Thus they cut it up and scrapped it.

What a waste.

I would like to have seen it moved South to provide pedestrian access between Spotted Eagle Recreation Area and either the Country Club or a street off of the new Milestown Estates area.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15536) 16 years ago

Seems like it would have been cheaper (or at least no more expensive) to leave it in place as a pedestrian bridge and move the road to a new bridge to the north.

Sad to see the old bridge go. Funny how much of MC history is in the Muggli scrap yard.