Posted by Janel Larson (+126) 11 years ago
Anyone know what the deal is with the helicopter tonight. It has gone by 5 times now. Too dark to see if it is a hospital helicopter - I pray not because it must have been bad for it to be roaming around all this time.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12830) 11 years ago
My guess is the BLM fire spotter getting started up early.
Posted by Tom Masa (+2208) 11 years ago
My guess ... Black Ops....some of Bin Laden's bunch must be in the area.
Posted by Frank Hardy (+1730) 11 years ago
I happened to have my scanner operating and was able to transcribe the conversation. Here it is:

Pilot: "Okay we're off. There are incredible advantages to having a helicopter. This trip to Billings is going to literally fly by!"

<sounds of cheerful laughter>

Girl's voice: "Daddy! I forgot my teddy bear! I can't go without him!"

<sounds of crying>

Pilot: "Ok, ok, honey. Stop crying. We can go back and get it. We won't lose too much time."

<10 minute sound blackout>

Pilot: "Okay, now we are on the way again! Three cheers for helicopters!"

<sounds of cheering>

Boy's voice: "I've got to go potty!"

Pilot: "Can't you hold it for an hour?"

Boy's voice: "No! I've really gotta go!"

<10 minute sound blackout>

Pilot: "Finally! We're back in this tin-can on the way. No-one needs anything, right???"

<sounds of nervous agreement>

<one minute sound blackout

Woman's voice: "Dear, I hate to have to tell you this, but I think I might have left the water running."

<2 minute sound blackout>

Operations Director: "Pilot, why have you returned and left your aircraft in the middle of the landing zone with the motor running? Pilot? Pilot?"

<sound blackout>