Search for my uncle Marvin Boyle
Posted by Patty Boyle Wynn (+12) 11 years ago
My dad told me the story of how his brother Marvin died of a burst appendix while they were living in Miles City, MT. It was probably somewhere around 1926. Dad was born in 1911, Marvin would have been born two years later (almost all of us are 2 years apart); he died when he was about 13.

I would like to find Marvin's grave if I can. Anyone out there have the time and/or inclination to assist?

I'll be coming up to look through the cemetary in May. I just thought that if one of you wouldn't mind helping me I'd appreciate it.

Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15582) 11 years ago
Is your uncle part of the Boyle family that lived in the Pine Hills. If so, I would suggest contacting John Handly. His mother was a Boyle and he can give you a fairly complete history.
Posted by Kacey (+3159) 11 years ago
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+586) 11 years ago
I did not see Marvin listed in burials. I need a bit more information to try to locate him. Do you know his parents' names and your father's? Or other any other siblings?
Posted by TDF (+154) 11 years ago
Patty - I have searched Montana Death Registry Index Circa 1880's - 2002 and found Marvin J. Boyle, Male, died at age 14 on March 7, 1926 in Pondera County. A search of does not show a gravesite for him. Perhaps an inquiry to Conrad, Pondera County, Montana Courthouse would be of help to you. Good Luck in your search.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+586) 11 years ago
Perhaps different Marvin.
The 1926 death was for Marvin Boyle son of Jennie both listed on numerous Indian censuses at Browning as Blackfeet.
Posted by Patty Boyle Wynn (+12) 11 years ago
A little history: We are registered members of the Blackfeet Nation.
My father: Francis Kipp Boyle
His half brother: Marvin ?? Boyle
Their mother: Jennie LaMotte Boyle

My grandma Jennie married Frank Boyle probably the last half of 1910 but before May 1911 when dad was born.

Richard, I will try to contact John Handley. I googled his address and will write him.

Cindy, this is most likely my uncle Marvin. I'll be visiting my sister in Browning and will ask her if she knows anything. (She knows WAY lots about the family. Her and dad became best friends in the latter part of his life.)

TDF, this also sounds like it might be Marvin. I'll contact Pondera County for whatever records they may have.

Thanks to all of you!! I'll post here whatever I find out. Give me about six weeks.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+586) 11 years ago
I did not find much. It appears they were full brothers.

1910 census
Rosebud County, Sanders school district
Frank Boyle 51 born Missouri, father born Ohio, mother born Missouri. Occupation- teamster.
Jennie 27 born Montana, father New York, mother Montana.
Frankie Jr. 4 born Montana, father Missouri, mother Montana.
Married for 5 years. Jennie was mother of one child/ one child now living.

1920 census
Glacier Co, Browning
Jennie Boyle 3551 divorced born MT, father NY, mother MT
Francis 13 son born MT, father MO, mother MT
Marvin 8 son born MT, father MO, mother MT

1930 census Browning
Jennie K Boyle lodger born Montana mixed blood, father mixed blood, mother Blackfeet

Indian censuses 1912-1924 (assorted years)
Jennie Lamotte Boyle
son Frank E. 1904
son Marven Francis 1911

All Indian censuses spell Marvin with an e...Marven.
Posted by Patty Boyle Wynn (+12) 11 years ago
Cindy, your research is fantastic! I have such a hard time choosing the correct link when I search. I always end up at ancestry dot com and they want my money before they'll tell me anything.

The records would indicate dad and Marvin were full brothers. Dad never talked about Frank Boyle.

I do know that there were only the two children born to Frank and Jennie Boyle. All four are now gone.

If Frank and Jennie divorced, I am not aware of it. But that is the record that would be most accurate. The ages and names are about right.

Thanks loads!!
Posted by Patty Boyle Wynn (+12) 11 years ago
Thanks for all your help, guys and gals.

I did not go to Miles City. My sister in Browning believes that Uncle Marvin died in Browning after Gramma Jennie divorced Frank Boyle.

There is no grave and I think he was probably cremated. Most of the family preferred cremation.

Again, thanks. It was worth the try.