Gold robbery
Posted by Robert Rybolt (+9) 11 years ago
Jesse G. Black died in Miles city in 1937 (I have his death certificate) and was survived by his daughter Jessie G. Black. According to the Omaha World Herald, Jesse confessed to Jessie he had been involved in a bullion heist that occured in Sidney, NE in 1880. this acutally happened and county sheriff Con McCarty was supected.

Jessie (the daughter)wrote to sidney, NE Chief of Police rogers regarding the case. there wasnever a sidney, NE Chief of Police named Rogers. Could he have been Chief in Miles City?
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This may help you.

Excerpt from Helena Daily Independent Record Thursday, March 5, 1936.

Confession Upon Great Robbery May Be A Myth
Sidney, Nebraska- March 4-
H. H. Rogers, chief of police, continued today to investigate a story that a Montana pioneer confessed on his deathbed to complicity in a daring $120,000 gold bullion robbery here March 19, 1880.
Rogers has received a second letter from an Ismay, Montana woman in which she says her stepfather, Jessie Black, confessed he was one of the men who participated in the robbery of an express company office 55 years ago. Old timers here recall Black as a bar tender.
The woman wrote that Black said the $120,000 which he claimed he got from the robbery was buried beneath a tombstone in a cemetery north of Sidney. He was unable to recall the name on the tombstone she said. An amateur historian here believed the cemetery might be near Cheyenne. All except $12,000 of the loot was recovered soon after the robbery.
MilesCity-March 4-
R.L. Anderson of Ismay, Custer County Commissioner, who knew Jessie Black for more than 40 years, said today he never heard of Black having implicated himself in a deathbed confession in a gold bullion robbery in 1880.
Mr. Anderson says he visited at the Black home a day or two before he died recently in Ismay and found him in a state of coma.
The whole story is a myth, is the opinion expressed by Commissioner Anderson, pioner resident of Custer County.
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Cindy, I would like to thank you for all you do for genealogy. I recently was contacted by a young relative who is working on our Sandman link and he found me due to you and I conversing on Again, thank you so much.
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You are most welcome. It is nice to hear you found a fellow researcher through here. That must have been a big surprise. Let me know if you think I can help you solve some puzzle. Enjoy your search.