Hunting Permits Due
Posted by boxdmc (+95) 10 years ago
The new date this year for applying for Deer and Elk permits is Mar 15. BUT this is only for buck deer and elk. I'm not even sure if cow elk are part of this yet.

The FWP responded to the request of the people to make an earlier filing date so people could plan thier vacations. Good Idea except in typical Gov't fashion the good idea turned into a horrible plan.

After reading the 2012 MT Deer and Elk Permit Application Packet and going through the website I now have more questions than answers. I've filled these out for 20 yrs and have had few problems.

I'm not against change,in fact I kinda like it but this is a confusing mess. FWP changed part but not all of the filing deadlines, FWP was supposed to have pertinent info on quotas and areas available online only by Feb 16. I can't find them.

I guess I'll trudge down to the local office where the local people will still be helpful even if the FWP management has serious problems. Please, it's time to reign in FWP!

PLEASE verify everything I have said for yourself w/ FWP. I can't figure this out and I don't want to steer anyone wrong.
Thanks for letting me rant.
Posted by cubby (+2644) 10 years ago
Pretty disappointing that they are making us put in for our permits this early and they have not even done the fly overs to get an idea of the numbers we lost due to last winter. But of coarse I guess everything is about the money not the good of the animals. But they are making us wait for antelope tags till they get the numbers back.
Posted by McCosley (+58) 10 years ago
Where to you go to get the deer elk permit application? Thanks.
Posted by boxdmc (+95) 10 years ago
The application packet is available online at MT FWP hunting or through the FWP regional office on West Main in Miles City or through a license vendor like Red Rocks Sporting Goods.

As Cubby said it is just a new way to get more money from us. If I understand it correctly for elk you have a $2 bonus point fee, a $5 drawing fee and a $4 item fee (assume this is the actual permit fee). If you don't draw you get the $4 fee back. How is this more money?
Well, on June 1 you can do the same process over for cow elk. So they get another $7 per hunter if you choose to enter the second round of drawings.
It used to be that you would put in for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice and it might be a mix of cows, bulls. Now you put in for each sex individually.
If they spent the money on a new all weather boat ramp in Miles City, I'd be happy to pay but FWP spends money like an ex wife.

I did find the regs online. Go to FWP, hunting, regs, complete version. This should be out in print about a day before the June 1 cow permit deadline.

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Posted by Earl (+76) 10 years ago
Do not buy any tags piss on them if you want to hunt buy a wolf tag
Posted by boxdmc (+95) 10 years ago
They got us over a barrel Earl. I want to hunt and want to hunt legally. I'd boycott for 1 yr if I was convinced everyone else would. I'm sure they'd get the message then but if 1 or 100 or 1000 of us did it FWP would think it was a fluke and ask the general fund to make up the difference.