The Last West--Lorman L. Hoopes, M.D.
Posted by Jack McRae (+355) 18 years ago
My impression of Dr. Hoopes book is that he scoured the old newspapers for mention of early Miles City citizens. Usually he just lists a year that they are noted. Are his notes available, with a more accurate date, so that a person could find the actual articles in the newspapers?
Posted by Kenny Vail (+111) 18 years ago
I've been on a research project off and on for almost two years trying to find a paper trail for certain people in and around M.C., prior to when the Yellowstone Journal began in July, 1879. Ironically, my target interests include about two years before that time and up to about July, 1879.

According to his bibliography Hoopes searched mostly the Montana papers, and the Bismarck Tribune. I have subsequently scoured all the same newpapers as did Hoopes.
But he also used many memoirs, diaries, old journals, unpublished manuscripts and old books etc. and I'd like to know where some of them reside.

I too would love to know where his notes are, because it has become apparent to me Hoopes tended to downplay things that might shed too much bad light on old Miles City - not that it isn't a forgone conclusion that Milestown was a rip-roaring boomcamp like the rest of them. My focus is on outlaws, lawmen, and the action that took place amongst them.

Is there any article in particular you are wondering about? I ran across some that Hoopes used when I was 'running' the microfilm in Butte, Helena and Miles City. Then later requisitioned the Bismarck paper and saw more.

Posted by dorman nelson (+14) 18 years ago

Looking for any info on Liver-eating Johnson.....
mostly family tales and remembrances....

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Posted by Amorette Allison (+11978) 18 years ago
Mr. Johnson didn't hang out in Miles City, even though he was deputy sheriff in Custer County. Custer County in those days was almost a quarter of the state. Mr. Johnson was based in Red Lodge, if memory serves. I have some info on Mr. Johnson but I don't think there are any particular mentions of Miles City.

Dr. Hoopes also went through Tom Irvine's diary and Fr. Lindesmith's diary. Unfortunately, I have no clue where he got his copy of Tom Irvine's diary or where one could be found today. I'd sell my soul for it, personally. Fr. Lindesmith's papers are at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. and I believe you have to go in person to request access.