Posted by David Schott (+18391) 11 years ago
From the Friday, December 30, 2011, Miles City Star:

[f] December 7:
5:38 a.m.: MCPD officers responded to a
fight call at 4-B's Restaurant. Two workers
allegedly were fighting over who was the
best cook.[/f]
Posted by howdy (+4947) 11 years ago
LOL, has to be one of the most amusing police calls I have ever read...thanks...LOL...
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18350) 11 years ago
I can just picture it: "Screw you! I make the best Matador!"

Saturday here in Helena the police responded to a call at the new BBQ restaurant:

A dispute between a cook and his boss escalated into a physical altercation with three people cited for disorderly conduct Saturday morning.

Lewis and Clark County sheriff's deputies received a call about the disturbance in the kitchen at Cowboys BBQ and Country Club on Euclid Avenue at about 11:14 a.m.

Deputy Jeff Stoltz said that the argument began over whether food was done cooking, with the cook Harvey Smith, 34, of Helena, saying it wasn't done and that he would cook it until it was. As the discussion escalated, the restaurant owner, Jimmy Russell, 67, of Wolf Creek, fired Smith.

Smith said he wouldn't leave the restaurant until he was paid back wages he was owed. The pair got into a punching match, Stoltz said, and were joined by Russell's son, Justin Russell, 22, also of Wolf Creek.

The parties were separated by the time deputies arrived. All received citations and refused medical care.
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1429) 11 years ago
So, who is the best cook?
Posted by spacekace (+888) 11 years ago
Best police reports in Montana! (They even printed a book...which is sold out at the moment.)

Posted by AshleyDawn (+338) 11 years ago
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle and Police Dept. Just released a book called 'Wein Don't Make This Stuff Up' that's full of this stuff. Its a must read.