Posted by Jade S (+146) 11 years ago
My daughter recently received her Coaching Certification through USA Judo. She is also certified to teach the visually impaired. We are looking to rent some space where she can operate a dojo. We have some mats and will be looking to purchase more if there is an added interest.

My questions are this:

Is there space available in town that can accommodate a dojo that is low cost, or dual-purpose where the cost can be split?

Is there an interest for a judo class?

Are there buildings or businesses , such as daycares or church gym's , that would be available for her use one to two nights a week? Her judo charter comes with insurance for her students.

In the interim, we are looking at the possibility of holding classes in the workout area of our basement. The area is not conducive to parents remaining during classtime due to space. This has been our biggest hang-up.

She should be obtaining her business license within the next couple of weeks.
Posted by Michele (+200) 11 years ago
How young would she be willing to teach. I have kids that loved tumbling and would like to go into Judo for the flexiblity. They are 6 and 8 years of age now. Also, do you know the cost and how often the classes would be taught?
Posted by Jade S (+146) 11 years ago
As young as 5, or so. We have a pretty good four year old, but he has been on the mat since he was about six months old.

She is looking for at least one , possibly two days a week. She is willing to do two classes a night to have a younger and an older class . Her idea, at this point is 6pm-7pm for ages 5-9 and 7:15pm -8:30/8:45 for 10+. Her brother is a blue belt and willing to help if there is an interest in a longer combined class from 6pm-8:30.

She will be associated with a Utah Judo club in Salt Lake City and will fall under their non-profit (for in-kind donations) but her club will be individually registered.

Feel free to reach me further via email at [email protected]
Posted by Jade S (+146) 11 years ago
Her cost hasn't been determined, but we are figuring between $30-45 ( one-two classes) with discounts for multiple family members.

Her first month will end up being a bit more because you must register with USA judo for $55/year. They do have family and new member specials.

We are looking at some bulk uniform purchases so we can offer a free uniform with your first month's fee.
Posted by Kmama (+99) 11 years ago
My 8 year old has a uniform and loves Judo! please keep me posted!
Posted by JessicaLee (+161) 11 years ago
We would also love to be kept up to date on information as you move forward. My 13 year old son is VERY interested. Thank you. I think it would be great.
Posted by worldmom (+417) 11 years ago
I know Ben Hunn is no longer in Miles City, but I wonder if the people who bought his house would be willing to rent out the detached garage/dojo that Ben built. The house has an attached garage also, do perhaps the space is going unused? It was a nice dojo. Four of our kids worked with Ben for years and really enjoyed it. It would be nice for our younger kids to learn.

FYI -we have a legally blind 6-year-old daughter. She would love judo!