Help Please!! Lost Dog!!
Posted by William P. (+3) 11 years ago
Our new dog ran away and we last saw her by the hospital. She is a 3 yr old tan/brown and a little black German Shepherd mix. Her name is Lizzy but she was scared and would not come back when called. She does not have a tag yet but does have a pink and green collar. If you see her please call 406-951-1126. She does have a micro-chip as well, so if you take it somewhere where they can scan for that it could be linked back to me. Thanks.
Posted by Laura Sevier (+1825) 11 years ago
Has Lizzy been caught yet? Or is she still on the run, let us know.
Posted by Melita (+344) 11 years ago
There has been a medium sized brown/black dog running around in the Town Pump parking lot for at least the last 3 days???