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Posted by DanC (+143) 10 years ago
As part of a class I am taking I had to attend a community arts event and write a response. An additional part of the assignment required that I share the response. I felt this might be a decent place to do so. Thanks for taking the time read...

I attended a presentation of "The Ever After" by our high school Theater Arts class. It was a very casual setting, the crowd consisted of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of the actors. One of the plays directors came out before the play and mentioned we were waiting for a bus load of children from an after school program to which a young member of the audience asked when he was going to get to see his sister in her funny makeup. The actors peeked out from in between the curtains to wave at friends and friends had fun snapping pictures of shoes under the curtain. Once the bus full of after school kids arrived it was fun to watch the high school mentors become "teachers" as they helped their young students to their seats in an orderly fashion.

The play put a Jerry Springer talk show type spin on a number of familiar fairy tale plot lines. The actors interacted with the crowd and the crowd was encouraged to participate. As guests were called to the stage they worked their way through the crowd shaking hands and giving high fives.The crowd celebrated the introduction of the heroes with cheers and welcomed the villians with boos and hisses. The main story line was broken up with comical "commercials" throughout the program.

It was obvious the actors had put much time into learning their roles and developing the personalities of their characters. The set conveyed the feeling of a talk show stage and the costumes were fun, sound effects were used effectively to enhance the action on the stage.

I feel the young audience members had a positive theater experience. They watched and participated with much enthusiasm. The program even included a special thanks to them for coming and a maze for them to complete, a very neat idea.

I had a good time watching students who I normally don't get a chance to see. It was neat experiencing them having fun doing something they enjoyed. It was easy to tell they were excited to perform as most the actors took great delight in wearing their costumes to class in the afternoon and visitng any office with an open door prior to the performance. The sponsors of the program did a nice job of letting the students succeed or struggle without teacher intervention. They had prepared the students and let them go on their own.

It was a funny production, fun to watch the kids in the crowd and the young adults on the stage.

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Posted by Jan Warn (+205) 10 years ago
Tanks,Dan, for sharing.
Posted by John W. Lennon (+20) 10 years ago
Sounds wonderful! Maybe I'll make my way down to the high school to watch a play some time.