Romney's cuts: SS, Veteran's Benefits, Medicare
Posted by Cheryl Pieters (+482) 10 years ago
What does everyone here think of the idea of balancing the budget by cutting Federal Programs for Veterans and Older Americans, as opposed to cutting the military budget, taxing the wealthy and making Corporations pay taxes into our system?

Right now it looks like Mitt Romney is the G.O.P. Frontrunner. Mitt Romney is saying is that he would eliminate veterans benefits currently provided by the government and force our brave men and women to rely on vouchers to pay for private health insurance plans. The problem with Romney's voucher plan is that it will not work. Compared to the federal government, a voucher is like giving a soldier monopoly money to use to buy health care plans. Vouchers simply are not enough to care for the many health care needs of soldiers and their families. Health insurance companies will not provide the proper care that our soldiers rightfully deserve, especially to wounded veterans who have chronic pain, PTSD, depression, and other major injuries that require constant attention and long term care. Private companies will not pay for such care because it will hurt their bottom line. Only the federal government has the capacity to pay for the care our veterans need. If Romney has his way, our veterans will be stuck paying for their own medical needs, and that should never happen in America.

His plans for Social Security did not include any privatization plans, which some of his Republican presidential rivals support. Instead, "for the next generation of retirees, we should slowly raise the retirement age," he said. "And finally for the next generation of retirees, we should slow the growth of benefits for those that have higher incomes (disregarding the fact that the people who made the higher incomes also paid a higher amount of money into the Social Security System."

Mr. Romney's proposal for Medicare is similar to the hotly debated plan that Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, introduced in April. Mr. Ryan's plan would replace Medicare and offer payments to older Americans to buy coverage from the private market.

Mr. Romney's proposal would give beneficiaries the option of enrolling in private health care plans, using what he, like Mr. Ryan, called a "premium support system."

Mr. Romney's plan, not only would effectively end Medicare and Medicaid, but also his tax cuts would disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

"Romney apparently operates under the false assumption that we can just cut our way to prosperity," James Kvaal, said in an e-mail. "In recent months, he has embraced extreme ideological approaches like Representative Paul Ryan's budget plan and the `cut, cap and balance' proposal. He would return American families to the failed economic policies that contributed to the years of rising inequality, stagnant wages and eroding middle-class security."