Wheat Montana in MC?
Posted by Rick Goff (+74) 13 years ago
Was reading an article in the Gazette about the opening of a 2nd Wheat Montana in Billings, and saw this:

"Miles City may be the next store and I think once Miles City gets going, we'll make a strong push out of state"

Anyone else heard of this? Location etc? I think it'd fit in nicely in MC. Great place to eat.
Posted by Patty O. (+222) 13 years ago
Could we be so lucky??? I heard but you know how rumors are in Miles City that Wheat Montana is going in the old Hardees building. We could only hope!!!
Posted by Chad (+1766) 13 years ago
It's not going into the old Hardees.

There was talk of the NW corner of the site KATL once occupied, but I don't know if that's still in the works, or not?
Posted by Kacey (+3162) 13 years ago
Asked them directly...here's the reply....
"Yep-we are assessing the area to see if we can be feasible out there. "

Sue Loret de Mola
Customer Service Department
Wheat Montana Farms Inc.
Posted by Sarahkt99 (+59) 13 years ago
I love Wheat Montana! It would be such a great asset to the town of Miles City. I wish it would have been there when I was living in Miles City.