Rumor had it that we were leaving town......
Posted by Julie H. (+21) 15 years ago
This is just an informational post.....

Rumors were flying that we (Keith & Julie Harris) we leaving town and that The I Gallery Photography Studio aka Illusions Photography would be closing.

Update: We aren't moving, the studio isn't closing and I am still booking for Senior Portraits, weddings, and all other photography sessions and events.

This board is probably the easiest way to let everyone know as my phone has been ringing and rumors were flying.

Thank you to everyone for being so concerned about the quality of photographic work in Miles City. In fact, here is a link for The I Gallery and a great wedding planning site for anyone planning a wedding.


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Posted by zenithsun (+6) 10 years ago
well, good to have you here but, i found another [link deleted - spam] site, better then that one.