Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act
Posted by David Schott (+17519) 10 years ago
From the September 27, 2011, Miles City Star a story about workshops/training for bartenders and clerks with respect to the "Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act".

Below is a list of the "signs of intoxication".

I am almost certain I have never observed any of the following in a Miles City bar:

Signs of Intoxication

- Loud speech
- Boisterous
- Drinking too fast
- Argumentative
- Obnoxious or mean
- Inappropriate sexual advances
- Depressed or sullen
- Speaking loudly then quietly
- Slurred speech
- Spilling drinks
- Loss of thought
- Difficulty standing up
- Unusual gait or stumbling
- Unable to sit straight in a chair
- Bravado or boasting
- Overly friendly
- Ordering doubles
- Complaining about prices
- Aggressive or belligerent
- Crude behavior
- Foul language
- Crying or moody
- Drowsy
- Difficulty remembering
- Rambling conversation
- Mussed hair
- Disheveled clothing
- Bumping into things
- Falling down
- Overly animated or entertaining
- Drinking alone
- Careless with money
- Urging others to drink
- Complaining about drink strength
- Making inappropriate comments
- Making irrational statements
- Bloodshot or glassy eyes
- Slow response to questions
- Trouble counting money
- Clumsy or uncoordinated
- Falling asleep
- Swaying or staggering
- Lack of focus or eye contact
Posted by Steve Allison (+976) 10 years ago
On any given day, two or three of those could be said about me, varying which ones from day to day, as I go about my day. Perhaps I have been drunk for the last 57 years and didn't know it.
Posted by David Schott (+17519) 10 years ago
Ha ha, Steve, I must admit when I read that list I wondered just exactly how I should act the next time I'm in a bar. It seems just about anything I do will get me cut off.
Posted by Mathew Schmitz (+279) 10 years ago
Careless with money? Like any bartender will cut you off for that. Spend it all sparky! And we have an ATM!
Posted by David Schott (+17519) 10 years ago