the cemetary..or lack of a directory
Posted by snorkie (+107) 11 years ago
Did anyone realize that Miles City Cemetary is the only one for miles that doesn't have an available directory onsite? Forsyth, Terry, Broadus, heck even Cohagen has a directory onsite. Instead we are expected to call during business hours to the county extension office for information. How sad! There is a perfectly good place for a directory available just as you take the first left. Wonderful concrete pad already in place. Mind ye, this is the same cemetary that thought it was ok to put a garbage can rack on top of one of the headstones.
Posted by Kacey (+3151) 11 years ago
If you want it changed do something about it. Get a petition, go to the county commissioners.
Posted by David Schott (+18387) 11 years ago
Sounds like a great project for a local civic organization.
Posted by Toni Rentschler (+1508) 11 years ago
Agree, I would love something like that out there!