la huffman photos
Posted by wadeferris (+12) 15 years ago
I have two huffman photos, "Buffalo grazing the big open north montana 1880", and "Sioux chief spotted eagles camp toung river valley mt near miles city 1879". The images are approx 24" by 10". I think they were made and framed at Huffman's shop in Miles City between 1906 and 1918. They each have the "Huffman Pictures" sticker on the back giving the Garland Street address and phone number. I believe they are in their origional frames (heavy oak) and are in good condition.

Can anyone give me some info about these pictures, how rare they are (or aren't), and an approximate idea of their value?

Many thanks,

Posted by Jim Brady (+432) 15 years ago
It would appear that the "value" of things like this can only be determined in the market. That "market" is now EBay. Most dealer's won't quote you, and if they do it will only be what they are willing to pay less what ever profit margin they require.

If yours are original work by Huffman, the photographs should be signed and numbered in ink. Many of them were also hand colored. Reprints for the masses have the signature and number burned into them from the plate as you would expect with a copy.
Posted by CJC (+9) 15 years ago
Hi, Wade. I'm a collector of original L. A. Huffman photographs. If you are interested in selling, drop me a note at [email protected] Thanks!
Posted by Chad (+1758) 15 years ago
The Custer County Art Center has several Huffman originals in their permanent collection and are always looking to add more. Contact them at 406-234-0635.