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Posted by LJ (+103) 10 years ago
Kinsey 4H for the Military to Send Letters to Troops
Kinsey 4H for the Military is gearing up for a big letter writing campaign and we need your help! We want to challenge you, your children, your classes, retired people, write to each name on the list. We want to encourage our soldiers who are fighting for our freedom so far away. They don't care if you're just doing your regular routine; they love to hear from folks back home. The soldiers for this round are: Jefferson Cookman, James Cookman, Cody Hess, Alexander Hilderbrand, Lyle Huckins, Robert Jackson, Kendall Lindvold, Dwayne Mullens, Kris Payne, Daniel V. Pius, Kendall Rasch, Shawn Stanton, Logan Swogger, Preston Teegarden, James Trogden, Don Wahl, David J Beckham, Aaron Naatjes, and Shawnda Duray.
Please spread the word in your churches, clubs, schools, wherever you make contact with people, that we are collecting letters or colored pictures from the little ones. This goes for surrounding areas as well!
Please turn the letters in at Carolyn's Embroidery, the Extension Office in Miles City, or with a Kinsey 4H member. If you're out of town, send them in the mail to Kinsey 4H for the Military, 622 Lower Road, Kinsey, MT 59338. We will gather all of them and sort them per soldier's name and send them off.
We will be sending packages again in November so start looking around for items to send to the troops. They love reading materials, snacks, games, and drinks like juice powder and coffee.
It costs us usually between $400-$600 to do a mailing of packages and we usually have to buy more items to send, which runs about $150. If you would like to help with the cost of mailing items to the deployed troops, you may send a check to the address above or drop it off at Carolyn's Embroidery or with a 4H member. Please make your tax deductible checks out to Kinsey 4H for the Military.
Letters are due by Wednesday, October 12. This is a fun way to let the soldiers know we care about them and the sacrifice they are making for us.
Check out all the ribbons we have on Main Street on Facebook under Kinsey 4H for the Military. If you have a soldier for us to add to our list, e-mail us at [email protected] . Include your name and phone number so we can contact you for more information.
Posted by LJ (+103) 10 years ago
Deadline is coming up. Write, write, write and get your letters to a Kinsey 4H'er or drop off at Carolyn's Embroidery. Thank you!