Straight talk phones
Posted by Jhould (+35) 11 years ago
I was thinking of purchasing a Straight Talk phone from wally world and was curious if they are worth a darn in Eastern Montana. Anybody have any info?

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Posted by Emilie Boyles (+255) 11 years ago
I have straight talk on one of my lines...and it's GREAT!
Straight talk bulk buys from Verizon, ATT ect. In far eastern MT they bulkbuy from Verizon.
A number of people I know have switched now too.
I also have a regular verizon line and a magic jack line (without the equipment, just through the computer.)

Magic Jack is great for a message only service but it's somewhat cumbersome for answering/calling.
The verizon line is a work line..too cumbersome to deal with all the options for me to take time with it myself.

The only draw back to straight talk is customer service is the last to know when outages are caused by our remote towers. Back in the spring when our towers went out before I knew it was more than just my then-new phone I called customer service and they thought it was my phone and immediately started the process of replacing it. When service was restored the next day I called back to let them know and they still did not have any info about the outage...I've learned since to just pay attention to outages affecting local service.

Straight talk is easy. Here's a few tips:
1. Order your phone online. They may be cheaper and get some bundled time with purchase.
2. Before ordering, google straight talk and promotional codes..generally in addition to free shipping you'll find some diner cards as well. I got mine and used them...which made my first month less than free..that was about six months ago. A friend picked up straight talk in July and she was able to get the same deal.
Posted by howdy (+4953) 11 years ago
Last two times I was in Broadus, I couldn't get service with my straight talk phone...Don't have a clue why...latest time was yesterday...
Posted by jessiker (+288) 11 years ago
If you're looking at a prepaid phone, I believe that AT&T has pretty comparable rates, but I'm not 100% positive. Check out their website; I know they also have cheap, if not free, phones with their prepaid service, too.
Posted by Nicoles (+128) 11 years ago
I have Straight Talk and so does my husband and we love it! It works great for us! We did go to Broadus one weekend to visit family and it didn't work for us either but that has been the only spot that we have had any issues with.
Posted by Melita (+337) 11 years ago
I have Straight Talk and it doesn't work in Circle either, hasn't since Thanksgiving. Customer service said it was something to do with MidRivers and Verizon fighting???
Posted by julieinmc (+515) 11 years ago
In California they have a much better selection of phones than they do if you tell them you are going to use it in Miles City. Not fair!
Posted by mckee (+387) 11 years ago
My son and I have had Tracfones for years and we have never had one problem with them. A couple of friends also have the tracfone and they also have never had any problems with it. I have used in Washington, Oregon, California all over Montana and the Dakotas. in all over the western and mountain with no problems.