Midrivers cell service
Posted by KLS (+257) 10 years ago
We are thinking about switching cell providers and were wondering what people out there thought of Midrivers. Does it have good coverage? Have you had any problems? Pros/Cons! We would appreciate any input!
Posted by JIMBO (+2010) 10 years ago
Excelent service here in MC but I can not text while in Billings area.
Posted by Cynthia A. (+191) 10 years ago
they have improved it over the past year greatly...I have service all the way on the drive to Glasgow...have service in Broadus, Baker...it is true right now about texting not working in Billings, it was for awhile, but they are working on agreements, I do believe, so that will hopefully be fixed. For the price, it is good...they have some good plans right now. I would reccommend them. They have less issues then some of the larger companies do right now.