Havre vs. Cowboys...
Posted by Shu (+1774) 9 years ago
REALLY!!! This was supposedly a strong, senior-laden Havre team at home against a young Miles City team and the Cowboys handed the Blue Ponies heads to them 48-14! Havre hung 54 points on Whitefish 2 weeks ago (I know - Whitefish may be a weak team this year again) and then lost a close one to a Butte Central team that is a regular in the playoffs most years.

Hmmm...3-0 for a predominately young team that had lost their best running back last week is a VERY good start. Too bad I missed most of the game.

Oh, well. Keep it up, boys!

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Posted by ike eichler (+1224) 9 years ago
Question for the statisticians...When was the last time a freshman scored a TD for the Cowboys?
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6024) 9 years ago
Ike - I'll get back to you on that shortly. I have an idea of who MAY have (if it's ever happened at all), but I need to check my notes, which aren't handy right now.

Update: just checked my notes ... Jeff Muri converted on 13 of 14 PAT attempts as a freshman in 1972, but he didn't score his first career touchdown until a year later, when he was on the receiving end of a 60-yard TD pass from Mike Miller during a 14-6 win over Plentywood.

Until recently, freshmen really haven't suited up for varsity, let alone gotten much playing time. If a Cowboy freshman has scored before, it's outside of my realm of knowledge about the topic.

Other random Cowboy Football / Eastern 'A' Conference football thoughts:

1.) There has been some question of whether or not a Cowboy player has had a longer punt return than Robert Nalewaja's 98-yarder last week.

There hasn't, at least not according to the 1983 Fall Sports Program, which was what passed for the CCDHS football record book prior to 2001. Per the '83 FSP, Charles Hood had an 85-yard punt return TD in a 33-6 win over Sidney during the 1956 season. That record stood until 1991, when Lee Ridenour had an 89-yarder against Laurel. Dustin Frize tied the record against Malta in 1995.

Nalewaja's return IS the record.

2.) Laurel has opened the season with 3 shutouts. This is the first time the team has blanked three consecutive opponents at any point in the season, dating back to 1980 (it may have happened prior to that season, but if so, I don't know. If anyone does at this point, more power to them).

The last Eastern 'A' team to open a season with 3 shutouts were the 2009 Cowboys. Prior to that, it was the 1981 Cowboys.

No Eastern 'A' team - current or former - has posted 4 consecutive shutouts at any point in a given season. Again, this is since 1980. Four other teams have posted 3 straight shutouts during a season:

1988 Sidney (weeks 4-6)
1993 Sidney (weeks 3-5)
2000 Miles City (weeks 3-5)
2005 Billings Central (weeks 4-6)

3.) The Eastern 'A' Conference's hot start to this season is unprecedented. This is the first time the division as a whole has won 15 of its first 16 games.

Next week's game between Billings Central and Dillon will be the biggest challenge for the conference. I think the Cowboys will stomp Belgrade. Glendive and Sidney have good chances of beating Lewistown and Havre, respectively and Laurel should be able to handle Butte Central. Hardin has a bye.

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