Relay for Life / Schwan's Fundraiser
Posted by Dixie Rieger (+332) 10 years ago
Saints & Sinner's Relay team has joined with Schwan's for a truck load sale. On September 10, 2011, the Schwan's truck will be in the "ACE" parking lot for you pick up your order. You must pre-order. Call Toni at 951-1948 / 234-7931 with any questions.

There are two ways to order. Go to, click on "Place and Order Online", Enter the following information: Campaign ID 36056, customer name, 3-digit code the the items you wish to order. Click submit, you will then be given an order confirmation. This one can be done up until the 9th of Sept.

Phone order options. Call 1-888-724-9267, inform the representative that you would like to place a preorder for a fundraiser. Provide Campaign ID # 36056, & event info. They will place the order for you. This one needs to be done by Wed. Sept.7,2011 evening.

You can also order gift cards for out of town friends and relatives. Go online to Enter the campaign ID 36056 on the billing screen before submitting your order. Click "Find" nect to the campaign field to tie the purchase to the fundraiser. Click submit. Or call Schwan's 1-888-724-9267/ Or Toni can order for you.