Great point, Jim Michels!
Posted by K.Duffy (+1822) 11 years ago
Did anyone catch Mr. Michels' Letter to the Editor in the 8/19 STAR?
I'll go ahead and copy it~for the out of townee's:

Jobs, jobs, jobs...we hear so much about it these days. Obama cannot make jobs;he doesn't own any factories. He can urge Congress to work on infrastructure improvement or suggest to Congress to come up with bills to move in that direction. But the Tea Party has tied the hands of the House of Representatives. Obama is not a dictator but can be a great cheerleader.

Please keep in mind that Mitch McConnell, apparently the most powerful man in Washington, said over and over, "our first priority is to make Obama a one-term president." And now the president is under criticism from several candidates for the presidency.

Here we have a president, African-American from a class of people used as slaves just 150 years ago, who has risen to the highest office in the world by pulling on his boot straps, up against hundreds of the richest men in our country. Surely, we've all heard "watch the money."

He is also up against a media mostly owned by GE, Disney and Murdoch. Fox News keeps up a steady line of destruction all day long, as do most talked radio people.

In 1929 we had a poem we recited that fits our financial problems of today: "Hoover blew the whistle, Mellon rang the bell, Wall Street gave the signal and the country went to hell." Is that what's happening all over again?

Why don't we hold the House and Senate responsible for these problems? We have 535 people who are to run this country. No one man at the top. Have we sent too many millionaires to Washington?

I believe it's way past time that the silent majority gets busy and lets Washington know our feelings out here.

Maybe term limits are necessary.

Jim Michels
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15369) 11 years ago
HEAR, HEAR!!! The Captain has spoken, we would all do well to listen! He is a wise person.
Posted by Art (+206) 11 years ago
Well stated, Jim.

We have placed the state of our nation in the hands of these 535 folks who are not up to the job. Way, way too much ideaolgy: way, way too little statesmanship. To heck with the country, save my face, my ass, my party. Bull.

Posted by howdy (+4945) 11 years ago
totally agree but feel they have a strangle hold on us at this point...will take a lot of combined effort to break it IMO...
Posted by Dana Jablinske (+86) 11 years ago
So very true Mr Michels! I've listened to Jim's thoughts, wisdom & opinions since 1977 - this time he is spot on He's been a great mentor, father figure, friend and neighbor for many years.
Posted by Kacey (+3161) 11 years ago
Wonderful letter Mr. Michels. It is not President Obama who has the ability to hire people. That lies in the wealthy corporations. Corporations that are cutting back on employees to pay their CEOs massive bonuses. Corporations that are outsourcing as many jobs as they possibly can, once again causing more job loss. Corporations that are getting HUGE tax breaks under our previous President's lead.

Bring out jobs back into this country. I'd rather pay a little more for something that's quality made than less for a cheap item that is destined for the landfill within a year or two at most.