Daycare Feedback Appreciated
Posted by Bix (+77) 11 years ago
I would appreciate any thoughts, concerns or advice you may have about possible day cares in Miles City.

I am looking for a place for my 18 month old two days a week. The specific days aren't important. I am a stay at home mom and would like for her to learn to interact with other children her age.

I am not even sure who does day care here. The gal I planned on having has recently started a new career.

I would prefer that there are other children her age there and not only older school kids.

Things I would like opinions on are listed below and also would like any other topics I would want to know about that I never covered.

* cleanliness
* how many providers per child
* behavior issues
* policies
* hours of operation
* rate for 2 days a week
* activies
* learning
* the owner and operator of the day care
* concerns
* advice

Thank you so much.

Posted by Kacey (+3159) 11 years ago
I agree that it is important for your child to learn to interact. Try a mom's group instead of daycare if it isn't a necessity. At 18 months your child will be picking up all sorts of illnesses from daycare. It has nothing to do with the daycare, it's just putting kids together in close spaces that spreads disease.
Posted by Sarah Peterson (+374) 11 years ago
A great way to get started in your search is to contact Montana's Child Care Referral Center. You can go online to and click "I Need Child Care" to perform an online referral. You'll be asked a few questions about what you're looking for in child care, and will be given a call, email, fax, or snail-mail response. You can also call their toll-free referral hotline at 855-406-2273 for the same service.

DEAP Child Care Education and Support, your local child care resource and referral agency, has some resources available to help you find quality child care, including checklists and interview questions. We also have a laptop and phone to use for referrals if you need! We also offer the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship for families who meet income and other eligibility guidelines.

Please contact us anytime, or check out Child Care Solutions for referrals! Best of luck in your search!

~Sarah Peterson
Program Director
DEAP Child Care Education and Support
2200 Box Elder
Miles City, MT 59301
406-234-6034 / 800-224-6034
Posted by K.Duffy (+1820) 11 years ago
Have you considered starting a small get-together circle of mom's and toddlers for a play dates?

Of course it would be a lot of planning, etc to get started, but there just might be a few other Mom's in your shoes, that would really like the idea!
Posted by Laura Sevier (+1809) 11 years ago
Call Brandy Leischner she runs John Dear Daycare, the phone number is 234-6453
Posted by MRL (+80) 11 years ago
I only know of Vandie Buckingham at little buckaroos daycare. Not sure if she has any openings though..
I'm also a sahm (of 3 little boys) and would be interested in a play group...