The Wisdom Of Jerry
Posted by Bridgier (+9506) 16 years ago
I know that we hardly ever talk about Cowboy football in general, or the coaching staff in particular, but someone thought that a Best of Jerry Partridge thread was in order, and we wouldn't want it to get lost in the Rohloff Era thread now would we?

So I'll start it off, I guess.

Regarding the job one of the managers did in filming a game in Glendive: "Does she abuse drugs?"

Regarding the fair: "Well, Lenny's got a couple of pigs in the fair this year, and Matt, Matt's got a great big Camel"

Regarding playing Billings Central in Billings: "It's going to be tough - the Bishop's going to be in the huddle, calling plays..."

Regarding my laughing at something he said one time in practice: "Do you think I'm a ****ing joke? I'll tell you who's a joke around here - I've seen the films, and it sure as **** isn't me!"

Okay, so that one seems a lot funnier now than it did at the time...
Posted by John Braut (+28) 16 years ago
This isn't a one liner but,

his Trickle Down economics lecture still cracks me up every time I think of it.

He had a big chalk drawing of Pres. Reagan feeding a horse money. The horse in turn was crapping on a little bird. He would always stand in front of class and say,

"and the little bird folks; well thats you!!"

Funny stuff!!
Posted by John Braut (+28) 16 years ago
this ones from Bill Scheppler:

Regarding an exchange student

-coach P... Whats your name??
-exchange student... foreing sounding name
-coach P....Kicker! We found a Kicker!

here's one from Marty Buckingham:

Marty got a 44% on a test, after Marty did the math it should have been a 55%. He brought this to Mr. Partriage's attention at which time Mr. Partriage looked up and said, "Mr. Buckingham, you are right, Im not worth a **** in Math and your not worth a **** in history!!
Posted by Stone (+1588) 16 years ago
"Go get some water and,,,,,,,Smokem if you gotum boys."

A young kids first time in a varsity game- "That kid looks like a deer in head lights."
Posted by Sis (+9) 16 years ago
Ok guys its time to have a lady chime in. I was a football manager in the late 80's and remember very well all of Jerry's outbursts. I remember one day at practice, and it was hot...the linemen did not do what Jerry he sent them over to the line to yet run that "damm thing again" as the guys where walking back to the line someome muttered "G** Da**it" and Jerry stopped the whole practise to ask the young man " Oh is he here today (meaning God)"Well maybe he can run this play better than you all can." Not realizing what Jerry meant the guy turns around and says to Jerry, "Is who here coach?" and after that question Jerry turned around handing me the papers he was holding and said,"there all yours see if you can turn em' into men." and walked off the practise field. There are other funny ones too, but that is the cleanest one I could think of to put on here.
Posted by Kacey (+3151) 16 years ago
How about the baseball bat? I remember it well. And thanks to him I know how to play the stock market!
Posted by David Schott (+18391) 16 years ago
Two things I remember about Mr. Partridge's American History class:

1.) He made us take lots of notes. If I recall correctly he wrote on an overhead projector all class long and you were pretty much expected to copy everything down.

2.) He had a tendency to repeat himself. He would lecture about something and later in the class or the next day he'd go over the exact same thing. He did this often.

One day he was repeating himself and there I was sitting in class not taking notes... not taking notes because I knew I already had it down from the day before.

Now I must have had a far off, daydreaming look in my eyes or something that didn't sit well with Mr. Partridge. He unleashed holy terror on me as he stood over my desk and screamed at the top of his lungs something the likes of, "Schott, if you think you can sit through my class without taking notes you're in for a rude awakening."

Actually I think it was worse than that... like, he threatened to kick my ass, kick me out his class, or flunk me but I don't recall exactly what he said. I do know that I was pretty shaken.

I looked up at him and said, "I've already got that down right here." as I pointed to my notes.

He looked at my notebook and said, "Oh... Good job."

That was an awkward moment because now all of a sudden he looked pretty foolish. I mean, he unleashed a violent outburst at me that had the attention of the entire class and it was for no good reason. And it might also have been a moment of realization for Jerry that he was repeating himself. Downright awkward.

But overall I would say Jerry Partridge was (is) a good guy. He's been a real asset to Miles City with his service at the high school (both in academics and athletics) as well as for his service on the city council.

- Dave
Posted by Matt Schmitz (+95) 16 years ago
I remember history class with Mr Partridge very well. At the time, in the mid - 70's, he was involved with the training of race horses. Someone asked him one day if he had any tips for the upcoming weekends races, and class was essentially over for the day. Although I doubt more copious notes have ever been taken. We pulled this particular stunt on Mr Partridge more than once, but hey! We were learning! He was always very enthusiastic about his race horses, and had no problem going on for an entire class, about why a particular horse should do very well, or not quite so well. Our only problem was trying to decipher if we had just been given betting advice or not. I always enjoyed his classes, and had I been a football player, I am sure I would have enjoyed his company on the football field too.
Posted by Bridgier (+9506) 16 years ago
"had I been a football player, I am sure I would have enjoyed his company on the football field too."

We always enjoyed his company - as long as his attention was focused on someone else.

I remember him being very upset once when he found out that the players from the other position groups were scared of him - he thought we were telling stories about him. We were of course, but every story we told was reinforced at the occasional practice where he made somebody cry.
Posted by John Braut (+28) 16 years ago
Didn't Mr. Partriage coin the phrase,

"The Bankey Schuffle"

I can still see it!!
Posted by Stone (+1588) 16 years ago
Matt, are you thinking of Ray Tracey the English teacher. He was a horse owner and trainer. His kid is still a famous horse trainer.
Posted by Matt Schmitz (+95) 16 years ago
Stone you may be correct. I may have mixed up my teachers. Listen up you younguns. This will happen to you too! Just a matter of time. Sorry if I confused anyone. This old timers disease sucks.
Posted by Jared Bankey (+64) 16 years ago
It's hard to put into words that kind of speed. I'm still trying to teach that speed today....I still get crap about that schuffle at timeouts.

"Rick did you want to finish changing the oil before we start practice."

"Mr and Mrs Average" was a classic before the Sheridan game.

The time he came to practice and was pissed off because he was pulled over. Some young cop thought he had stolen that old Chevelot and Jerry got questioned. That was a god story....

"Has Leonard been rolling around in the mud again"

"Stabio what place did your camel take in the fair"

"Matt, what happened to your truck" I hit a concrete block out at spotted eagle, when a deer ran in front of the truck. "Well, did you at least kill the sucker"

"I'm going to shoot you right between the eyes"

"No, I want the step right here...can you walk straight.."

Too many to remember and all great...
Posted by Jeremy Orthman (+438) 16 years ago
I posted this on another thread, but here are two quotes one from football and another from class.


"Cleaopatra was a slut!"


"Anderson you move like the Chrystler building!"
Posted by Bridgier (+9506) 16 years ago
"Because I like to keep my averages on the same side of the line"

I'd forgotten about that one...
Posted by Levi Forman (+3716) 16 years ago
Didn't play football, but in History class once he stood in front of the class and asked "Is anyone in here gay?" Of course there was no answer and he said "Good, cause if you're gay in Miles City you've got problems."

The other thing I remember from that class was watching "The Emerald Jungle", a movie about the Amazon that presumably had some educational value but was probably best remembered by the students for the many topless "natives" which seemed to be on average much more attractive than the ones you see in National Geographic.

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Posted by Mike Zier (+136) 14 years ago
Watching film in the basement always led to some good ones. A player (I think Dave Smith) pounded the ground after a play....The Quote "What the hell, did you just find out that your girlfriend has Herpes"

"Zier, I hope you blew that guy a kiss when you ran by him"

Bankey and myself in the old county marget (most likely getting food) we were near the meat comes around the corner and without missing a beat....."What you guys just out fondling the Meat"

After School I kept in touch with coach and I made the mistake of letting him know that I voted Republican.....So to this day...When we talk politics.... Well Mike "You Guys" Screwed it up again.

"How the hell can you teach and be a republican?"
Posted by Dan (+467) 14 years ago
We recall all these things through the rose colored glasses of nostalgia...
a teacher/coach says anything remotely close to this today and they are fired

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