Class of 1981 Reunion this weekend
Posted by Chris Choate Raible (+37) 11 years ago
Miles City you should be aware that the classmates of 1981 from Sacred Heart and Custer County will be rolling into town this weekend! We will be celebrating and bringing lots of life to Main Street. Have safe travels everyone, and I will see you there!

Chris Choate Raible
Posted by Shu (+1798) 11 years ago
If these individuals show up, please extend my heartfelt regards to:

Tom Jas, Guy Super, Wayne Sandmeyer, Mike Sweeney, Randy Holom, Megan King, Treba Berger, Chris Gill, Matt Mount, Mary Beth Cline (or whatever her married name is), Marc Cremer, Glenn Huschka, Vaughn Fleming, and you, of course, Chris...and the rest...and I named all those off the top of my head. Had I researched I'd have come up with a few more. Have a great reunion!