Miles City Historical Maps
Posted by David Schott (+17668) 21 years ago
This topic was mentioned in the "Selbman Movies..." thread but it was kind of buried so I wanted to mention it again.

The Miles City Genealogical Society has created a Historical Map of Miles City. The map was illustrated by Gene Larson -- some of you may have seen his sketches of Miles City buildings, he's done several Miles City calendars and I have seen his work sold as individual/framed pieces. I think he does a fantastic job.

Anyhow, the Historical Map is not a scale map nor is it of a particular time in history. Rather, it is a collection of some very interesting and unique aspects of Miles City from over the years. The illustrations are very creative and on the back of the map you'll find brief descriptions of each item that is represented. The map is in color, it's approx. 27"H x 36"W, and it is printed on a high quality, heavy paper. They make excellent gifts. They are available from the Genealogical Society -- delivered to your door for $21 (see below) and I don't think I am off base when I say they are worth every bit of that.

Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

- Dave

P.S. I have personally bought 6 of them -- I've given 4 as gifts and kept 2 for myself -- one to keep in pristine condition which I hope to frame someday and the other I don't mind handling and bending a bit when looking it over.

Historical Maps are $21 (including the tube and shipping):

Miles City Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 711
Miles City, MT 59301