"Rhubarb Days" at Tongue River Winery
Posted by Bob & Marilyn Thaden (+46) 12 years ago
Tongue River Winery is hosting "Rhubarb Days" this weekend to celebrate this season's large rhubarb wine offering. Rhubarb cookies, rhubarb bread, rhubarb salsa with chips, and of course, rhubarb wine for sale by the bottle or glass. 3-6 p.m., Friday thru Sunday, July 15-17.
Posted by Steve Allison (+981) 12 years ago
An afternoon in the vineyard, what a wonderful way to spend a summer day. Look for me to be there.
Posted by Trent Hess (+102) 12 years ago
the rhubarb wine is really yummy if you like sweet wines
Posted by Cindy (+386) 12 years ago
We had a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday at the Winery. The place is beautiful. The wine was wonderful. And thank you to Bob and Marilyn for visiting with us towards the end of the day. We had a great time.