Class of 2001 Reunion!
Posted by Liz Weimer (+44) 11 years ago
A 10 Year Reunion for the CCDHS Class of 2001 is planned for July 15th and 16th. We're keeping the schedule fairly low-key, allowing for people to meet and chat with their classmates, as well as spend time with family.

Friday (July 15th): A registration social/mixer is planned at the Country Club, starting at 6 pm. A cash bar, appetizers, and some sort of entertainment will be provided.

Saturday (July 16th): BBQ at Riverside Park at noon! Burgers, side dishes, and beer/lemonade/water are on the menu. Families welcome! Bring your own seating.

The cost per adult is $20/person and covers both events. Payable on Friday night, but we ask that you RSVP ahead if possible, to help us plan how much food we'll need. Any extra money at the end of the weekend will be put towards our 20 year reunion, as well as some sort of memorial fund.

A golf scramble is also planned for Friday the 15th at 2:30 pm. Cost is $25/person (includes 9 holes of golf and half a cart rental). Contact Tyrel Gentry or Justin Venn for more information or to sign up!

For more information or to RSVP, please find us on Facebook under "CCDHS Class of 2001" or visit our reunion website
Posted by Katie (Yother) Champion (+12) 9 years ago
Bummed I missed hearing anything at all about the 10 year anniversary for the class of 2001. I figured student leaders chosen and elected by our class would play a role in setting up and communicating this event, maybe they did, but I had no idea of this event taking place whatsoever and am really sort of let down.

I'm not on Facebook and never intend to be so I hope I do hear more information somewhere else regarding class reunions. Guess I'll have to check this website in another 10 years. What happened to the funds that our class of 2001 raised in order to mail out for such events to further engage all class members.

Katie (Yother) Champion
former class president and student body president for the class of 2001 and for CCDHS.
Posted by Diesel (+175) 9 years ago
I hear you K. I heard about it from word of mouth and a few of us were wondering why the student body president wasn't involved in the ordeal. The choices to pick from were not considered fun at all for most of us and that is why a bunch of us did not go. It should have been communicated a year a head of time and a form with a lot of choices sent out so we all could voice our opinion on fun things to do and plan on the occasion for the upcoming year.
Posted by Kacey (+3151) 9 years ago
Sounds like it's time for you to contact your classmates Katie and start planning for your 15th reunion!
Posted by brady (+238) 9 years ago
I cant wait for my. my Reunion is 2021. 8 years to go for the first 10 years yea.

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