The Orestad's?
Posted by Elizabeth Anne Schinko (+4) 12 years ago
Hello, I am the great-niece of Oscar, Conrad, Peter (Ed), William, Gena, and Marie Orestad (I am the Granddaughter of Anne Madeline Orestad-Schinko). Are any of the grandchildren or other decedents of these folks still in the Miles City/Powderville area? My father, John Schinko, still talks about his boyhood days on "the ranch" as being some of his best memories, and especially seemed to favor his Uncle Oscar. I will be travelling through the area on my way to Yellowstone the weekend of July 9th-10th-11th. I would very much like to see the ranch and meet some of the Orestads. If anyone can help me, please email me at [email protected]. My name is Elizabeth Anne Schinko, I am 46 years old and live in Milwaukee, WI. I can also be reached on my cell phone at 414-321-2212. Thank you very very much!!
Posted by MRH (+1578) 12 years ago
Yes, if you do a white page search for phone numbers in Montana, you will find one in Powderville and one in Miles City. That will give you a good start in your search.
Posted by Betty Vail (+41) 12 years ago
Helen Orestad still lives on the original ranch you are speaking of. She has written 2 books, both of which are available at Star Printing and Office Supply. 234-0450

I believe if you mailed her a letter with the address of Powderville, MT 59345 she would get it. I just looked and did not find a phone number for her in the book.

Her daughter, Lillian, also lives nearby and is married to Tom Ostendorf. Another daughter, Madonna, is married to Charlie Balsam and they also live in the area.

My family ranched in the same area. Hope this information helps you.
Posted by MollieP (+134) 12 years ago
I am Lillian's daughter Mollie, [email protected]

there are lots of us out here, and we live on the original ranch, as does Grandma Helen (Ed's wife).

I will rally the troops, and see what is going on that weekend!