Hell Creek???
Posted by Amber (+226) 11 years ago
I was just curious as to whether anybody has been up to hell creek this year and what the conditions are like. I have painted this picture of a flooded marina and a miserable vacation the week of July 4th. Can anybody shine a light on this subject?
Posted by Kacey (+3151) 11 years ago
Posted by julieinmc (+521) 11 years ago
Check out the web cam tomorrow when it's light enough.
Posted by Georgina Phipps (+24) 11 years ago
It is going to be ok for the 4th as long as you have reserved a camp area everything else is under water.
Posted by GoneFishing (+44) 11 years ago
Check out Kibler's Charter Fishing on You Tube. Mary Beth posted pics about 2 weeks ago. We were there last weekend and it's higher now. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.211459295544072.52589.123080394381963
Posted by ocne (+481) 11 years ago
Hell Creek is a state park, so the best people to talk to would be someone with Fish, Wildlife and Parks. They are closely monitoring the situation and have staff on site. Ph # 234-0900

As of right now, they are telling people that most camp sites are under water except for the ones in the main campground area. The main campground area does includes the electrical sites, which the vast majority do require a reservation. They are also having problems with the water system right now. There is only water available in the shower house for a few hours in the morning and evening. Folks are advised to bring their own drinking water.