Bucking Horse Parade Audio & Video Feed???
Posted by Dave Golterman (+246) 16 years ago
Eric was asking about a microphone for the webcam and I've got several good quality ones plus a mixer I can allow to be used for the project. However, getting them to Miles City is the problem. In chatting with Eric, he suggested seeing if anyone is willing to help pay for a tank of gas. I'd bring the mics & mixer down and bring with me a friend who just moved to the area from the east coast. We've both got radio experience and he's doing mornings at KYYZ-FM in Williston, ND. My experience includes working at KFLN in Baker and at 95FM The Hawk with Cory Cutting many moons ago. If businesses wanted to donate for the fund, we could arrange for sponsor mentions while we're doing the play by play so to speak of the parade. Any takers?

It's going to take me almost 2 tanks of gas to get to Miles City & back from Plentywood. My car has an 18 gallon tank. You can do the math using Miles City gas prices. They're $2.99 a gallon in Plentywood. I'm paying for the first tank, all that's needed is the second tank.

If you have any questions contact me via e-mail or leave a note here.

Dave Golterman

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