Hobby Lobby-Will they SEARCH YOU?
Posted by Wayde Carlson (+20) 11 years ago
I went to Hobby Lobby, in May, for the second time since it opened in Billings. The man who started the company is to be very religious.
OBVIOUSLY, he has little faith in the "Good of man."

As I was leaving, I noticed a sign by the door, facing out.
I will TRY to add it to this post.
NO, I will just type it for you, as I believe I would spend LOTS of time, resulting with NO picture.

The Company retains the right to Search and Question Any Person Entering the Premises.
Any personal belongs may be searched, including, but not limited to:
packages, parcels, purses, handbags, briefcases, lunchboxes,(Looks like a comma here-Though I don't believe it is correct, as the and is used)and automobiles in the parking lot. Any company property may also be searched, including desks, files, lockers,or any other area on the premises.
Persons entering the premises who refuse to cooperate with this policy will be escorted from the premises.
Employees refusing to cooperate with this policy may be subject to
discipline,up to and including termination.

That's it. "Hey old man...IS that REALLY oxygen in that bag?
"Young lucious babe with the tight top and short shorts...Are you packing Weapons OF Mass Destruction? We better take a LOOK!
I am NOT wanted, but it does scare me to read this thing.
No mention of cavity searches, but, I wouldn't be surprised.
WHAT criteria is used to choose WHO will be searched?

You never know when someone at Hobby Lobby wants to search you.
And for some, your trip there may turn that boring day into one that you WILL remember.
Posted by ABE (+415) 11 years ago
Uh...it's for shoplifters.
Basically any business that you go into may ask to search you if they think your stealing. If you refuse, they may call the police. Most businesses just call the police and let them search, for legal reasons.
I'd say the sign is little more than a warning than a threat.

Plus it's common knowledge that little old laddies love to steal yarn, and pack heat.
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6171) 11 years ago
Wayde, the comma is correct. You can use or not use a comma before the word "and" as you prefer although I think using the comma is the preferred method. Either way, just be consistent about it.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6125) 11 years ago
Just another reason to go to Michael's instead.
Posted by Bridgier (+9508) 11 years ago
I prefer the <item>,<item>,<item> and <item> list construction syntax myself.
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6171) 11 years ago
A trip to Michael's is just as treacherous.

Posted by TrP (+212) 11 years ago
Wow what a V... Dude thats how everything is outside of HICK town Miles City...The real world