Flannel and Fleece drive for Charity(PLEASE READ)
Posted by Mariah Kosel (+79) 10 years ago
I'm working on a flannel and fleece drive (kind of like a food drive) for charity. This is how it works: I need all of your old sheets, blankets, cuts of fabric, sweaters, shirts and anything else made out of flannel or fleece so I can recycle it into cloth diapers for single parents and families in need. Please spread the word, donations can be dropped off at my house on 1915 Main St. There will be a box on my front step under the porch (where it wont get rained on). Other materials such as thread, especially serger thread, ΒΌ" elastic, and 100% wool sweaters and blankets are appreciated.

If your donation is too big for the box just knock on my door and i'll take it inside. I'm a stay at home mom so i'll be home all day.

Thank You!

Mariah Kosel
(406) 853-4348

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Posted by MeiMei (+162) 10 years ago
I might have some here. How are the cloth diapers used by these families? Are they diaper covers? What resources are available for the families to launder the diapers? I used cloth diapers with my second child long ago and it does take a lot of time, water, etc.
Posted by Mariah Kosel (+79) 10 years ago
The flannel is used to make a fitted diaper, looks like a paper diaper only it's made out of flannel. The fleece is used for diaper covers that keep the moistuure in and clothes dry. The diapers are for any families who want them. I'm sure there are people out there who would much prefer paper diapers for convenience sake.

The expense of laundering cloth diapers yourself is much cheaper than purchasing disposable diapers. Either way, there is en expense to keeping children diapered, but this charity is to help those who don't have the money to spend on paper diapers. The average child from age 0-3 years uses $3,000 worth of paper diapers. That's a lot of money! Even if you spend $20/mo on utilities and detergent that's only $720 in 3 years.

Any donations would be much appreciated!
Posted by Jade S (+147) 10 years ago
Are you using the wool to make diaper covers? Will the fitted dipes be all-in-ones with a fleece cover? Are you doing velcro or snaps for your fitteds?

We love cloth diapers! I have used them with all four of my babies.

It is easy to recycle sweaters and such. Are there any knitters out there that would be willing to knit soakers?

I have given most of our diapers away, but I will ask around and see if any of my friends have some to donate. I wont be there until mid-June (and I can't make any promises that anyone will have any they are not using still...)but I will bring what I can.