Looking for a daycare or afterschool program
Posted by teen (+91) 11 years ago
I am looking for a daycare or after school program that would be interested in receiving a garden plot that would be maintained by the children during the 2011 summer. They would need to commit to 2 days a week, for about 2 hours of work weeding and caring for the garden. While also receiving a weekly lesson on gardening, nutrition, health, etc. that will be provided through extension services. I can help with travel, equipment, incentives, supplies, and other proposed options. Please get back to me by May 3rd. [email protected] or 874-3370
Posted by Sarah Peterson (+372) 11 years ago
Hi 'teen-
I posted your request on our Child Care Education and Support page at http://www.deapcces.com. We have several providers who subscribe to that through an RSS feed. Hope you find some interest - great idea!

Program Director
DEAP Child Care Education and Support
Posted by Steve Allison (+979) 11 years ago
You might check with Joyce at the ROCKS program, it sounds like the fun learning kind of experience they like.
Posted by teen (+91) 11 years ago
Sarah~ Thank you so much....just the connection I needed!

I spoke with Joyce at Rocks and they do not feel that they can spare 3 hours a week for the proposed gardening program commitment. From looking at last years summer scheduling of events, that will most likely be put in place this year. Also the hauling of youth would be challenging without their involvement. I am trying to work around that and just have the parents carry out the role of transportation.

Thank you for all your work and suggestions, it helps me plan and establish these programs!
Posted by dkohl (+161) 11 years ago
What about the youth at A.W.A.R.E.? They have a great program also...