City Council Meetings no longer on television
Posted by Eric Brandt (+844) 17 years ago
Mid Rivers Telecommunications has proven too difficult to work with and has placed repeated and numerous restrictions on the video.

I did not have time to make the bottom banners and just put the copyright notice along the bottom. They have decided that they will not publish the meeting because of that notice and requires me to remove it.

The original intent of the project was for webcast. The supporters wanted it on TV and I fought for that. It was a good idea and reaches more viewers. Unfortunately, preparing the video for television more than doubles my time. Mr. Anderson has treated me very disrespectfully and I will not constantly stress to produce a product that makes him happy. I am sorry, but there simply is not the budget to fight with uncooperative people.

The project will continue on webcast. If you feel that the project is good for the TV public, I would encourage you to contact Mr. Anderson and share your opinion. Otherwise, I will enjoy the 20+ hours I will save by not providing that format. The meetings will still be provided via webcast.

This weeks meeting will be online later tonight. In the future, since I don't have to produce them for Mid Rivers, I would expect that they will be up a little faster.

Thank you for your support

The Miles City Voice
Posted by Morhead (+121) 17 years ago

Thanks for all you have done with this project.

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