Posted by Leonard Smith (+24) 16 years ago
Who should be our new mayor?

I think Joe Whalen is a good choice.

Joe likes to gather information before making decisions.
He is a concensus builder.
He will speak up if he feels there is inustice.

What really impresses me is what a cheerleader he is for this community. I have lived here most of my life, and it embarasses me to see how enthusiastic Joe is after being here just a few years.

He is literally full of good ideas to promote Miles City.

Throw your name in Joe!
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11900) 16 years ago
So far, in spite of rumors (OH, NO!!) only Larry Torstenbo has filed a letter of interest. I suspect Joe, while he would be great, is still a bit overwhelmed by what he got himself into with the Council.

Posted by Salli (Scanlan) Starkey (+240) 16 years ago
My Arizona vote goes to Joe!
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15076) 16 years ago
My vote is for Chad or Amorette. Joe would be a good choice as well.
Posted by Dona Stebbins (+824) 16 years ago
I agree with Len that Joe would be a good choice. Being overwhelmed does not mean that he would be ineffective - in fact, the opposite could be true. As a political "outsider" myself, I know that a fresh perspective on old problems can be an advantage. Accepting "the way things have always been done here" is a recipe for stagnation.