Guest performers at open mic
Posted by Mandyrosy (+186) 11 years ago
We'll have several out-of-town guests at open mic this Saturday at the Miles City Elks Club.

Jim Devine (from Beaver Creek Brewery in Wibaux) and Charlie Denison (of "Ranger" in Glendive) are both coming down this week for open mic. These two are a couple of a good-time guys, and they should put on a great show.

Come on out! Open mic gets started at 8 p.m. at the Elks Club every Saturday. Musicians and listeners of all stripes are welcome.
Posted by windy (+29) 11 years ago
Enjoy! I moved out of town and will miss open mic. Thanks to all the organizers and musicians.
Posted by Jim Howe (+1618) 11 years ago
Open mic was fantastic! I am truly sorry for the folks that didn't come. You really missed a great show. Two ladies showed up from Sidney,(Erin Espiland Laura Castro)and added alot to the music. What a nice surprise that was! Ryan Browning, Brian Hubbell, and a number of "regulars" also showed their stuff. And of course the guys from Wibaux and Glendive really lit the place up. Tucker Bolton made an appearance and appeared to have a great time even though there was a BANJO on the premises. And Don Stewart just keeps getting better and better at mixing the sound and providing the right equipment for each act. A good time was had by all. Thanks for coming and please do come again, Jim

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Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3794) 11 years ago
Jim that was a great review and spot on. It is a great experience to see people improve their skills as well as watch the accomplished performers that show up.

I am constantly amazed at the talent pool in SE Montana. Thank you, all for keeping live music rolling in Miles City (even banjo players.)
Posted by Brian Hubbell (+124) 11 years ago
Yeah that was a top 5 open mic night for me, I had a blast. I hope we can keep that momentum rolling. Everyone played up to the occassion Saturday night and Don did a fantastic job of keeping it all organized. The Beaver Boys were alot of fun, Jim your group sounded tight and Ryan Browning blew me away (and all on his feet by the way). Nice Job Eastern Montana, Nice Job!