Excellent teacher qualities
Posted by Karla Gleason (+32) 12 years ago
Ok after the topic of the PA teacher, I wonder (as a teacher) what really makes a teacher good? Aside from the fact she shouldn't discuss the students in any forum and should know the subject area she is teaching. Who do you remember as being an outstanding teacher and what made them so outstanding?
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15535) 12 years ago
The best teachers are those who will push aside, as much as possible, the "educrat" mandates thrust upon them and focus on making sure the kids have mastery of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Speaking as the husband of one of the best 4th grade teachers in Gillette, teaching, frankly, is one of the most heart-wrenching professions one can enter.

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Posted by Steve Allison (+978) 12 years ago
A quick read through the teachers in Miles City thread sheds some loving light on the subject. As I work with the teachers here taking pictures at various activities and special events the schools and teachers are up to, I have always been positively impressed with how they care about the students and the future they are helping build for them. A genuine love of teaching and for the students keeps them learning and improving as they face the challenge of teaching year after year.
Posted by mercy me (+136) 12 years ago
I often wonder if teachers are aware of the life long impact they have on their students, both positive and negative. My second grade teacher at Garfield school was the best. Mrs. Nirohr/Williams. Not only do teachers teach scholastics but a sense of self confidence/worth or the lack there of. Not saying that is not learned from their parents as well. However when one absorbs such from "the world" as children often feel school(ie teachers,friends ect)it has a lasting impact. I had, as well as my children have had, experiences with both good and bad teachers in Miles City.Fact is we have relatives that teach here, and Mr. Bonine you are right on target.
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6174) 12 years ago
A good teacher should have:

1. a passion for his subject matter
2. a passion for teaching
3. good communication skills, both written and oral
4. competency in his area of focus
5. a sense of fairness and compassion for his students
6. the ability to command respect
7. high expectations of his students' ability to learn
Posted by Leif Hope (+92) 12 years ago
A good teacher shoud have a total command of the subject matter.