Tongue River Winery
Posted by Raks Attarab (+54) 12 years ago
This is a "kudos" to the Tongue Rivery Winery!

On Nov. 19th, Raks Attarab, the local belly dance troupe, hosted a potluck gathering for its dancers and participants in the last session of classes. Bob and Marilyn at the winery welcomed us with open arms! They were gracious hosts and so excited to share the winery and all they have going on with us. And what a neat little place! The public area is beautiful and spacious enough for a small group, perfect for us.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the company and were excited to learn about an acual real winery, and get to see some of the fruits of their labors!

If you haven't had the opportunity, check it out! Its truly a local gem and something special to the area. (And the wine is EXCELLENT!)
Posted by mule train (+1049) 12 years ago