Winkley and Powell Families
Posted by clara winkley (+18) 11 years ago
Ben is back in the hospital with pneumonia. He was able to be home for a week between illnesses but little one got sick so Ben got sick. Kind of a vicious circle. Kristine, Beth, and Clara are finding its not easy to coordinate schedules so that someone can be with Ben at all times. Clara has to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff so cannot take care of Ben by herself because of lifting etc. She will be out of work again for a while. Kiana has had some bad spells with the whole situation. More so now that Daddy is mostly sick than at the beginning.

We want to thank everyone for your prayers, cards, and all the other kinds of help that you have given the family. It has been needed and greatly appreciated. Please keep the family in your prayers. thank you all so much.