The Brath Hotel & A Favor Or Two To Ask
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3749) 19 years ago
Hello Everybody,

It's Kyle again and I'm hoping I can ask a favor of somebody. I was wondering if somebody has a digital camera if they would be willing to go and take a few pictures of the Brath Hotel and e-mail them to me and if at all possible perhaps send someone a disposable camera and have someone take some pictures that way as well. You wouldn't need to develope the pictures as I'll include a pre-paid envelope to send the camera back. I would be more than willing to pay somebody to do this for me.

If anybody would be willing to do this I would greatly appreciate it. Just e-mail me or post a reply.

Thanks again,

Kyle Varnell
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12509) 19 years ago
Shouldn't be a problem either way. You can send the disposable to the Miles City Preservation Office at 907 B Main St, Miles City 59301 or wait a bit and next weekend or maybe sooner, I can get my husband and the Star's digital over to the Brath. 309 No. 9th, I think. I'll check my Sanborn map.

Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3749) 19 years ago
Hello Amorette, that would be great if your husband could do that. There's no rush to take them so whenever he gets a chance to do it. Thanks for the address. I'll write them a letter and send them a camera. I assume that they would like to have a copy of them as well for their archives.

Thanks again Amorette and thank your husband for taking the pictures for me.