Loooking for a Book to Purchase
Posted by Tara Lee Bertucci (+9) 19 years ago
Hi! I am looking for an old text book to purchase for my ill Uncle. He had a copy, but you know what happens when there is a death in the family. Things just seem to disappear!

I am looking for a copy of Montana in the Making by Newton Carl Abbott. Believe it or not, I found your site looking for this book.

I was born and raised in Billings, then like a fool moved to Reno, NV in 1988. Boy, do I miss Montana.

If anyone knows someone who still lives in Ismay, MT, I would like to contact Mrs. Alice Stickney's family. She is now deceased and she was the Post Mistress of Ismay for a long time. I had purchased the original Ismay Post Office Boxes from her years ago and want the family (and the Town) to know that I still have them and that they will some day be donated to a Montana Museum for all to enjoy.

If you know of anyone who may have a copy of this book for sale, will you please contact me?

Please take good care of "my State" in my absence!

Thank you.

Tara Lee Holweger Bertucci

[email protected]
Posted by Barbara Cook Ashley Hopkins (+12) 19 years ago
please send e mail to [email protected] lives near Ismay and is related to the Stickneys he will be glad to help you