Halloween is upon us...
Posted by Bridgier (+8297) 9 years ago
and zombie threads are rising to eat our braiiiiiiiiiinssssssss.
Posted by Tracy Walters (+294) 9 years ago
Worse than that....there are hordes of kids in strange costumes invading the office I am at looking for candy handouts!

Their parents are going to be in hell for a few days until the candy is gone.

Posted by Hillary (+72) 9 years ago
And some college age looking students think it is funny to punk people on the south side! As a gal who is at home alone in the evenings somewhat frequently I don't really appreciate this! You kids - try to at least pick family homes where husband and wife are home to support each other or something. Or better yet, get a life! Aren't you closer to the girl chasing age than the silly games you're playing age?!