Posted by Cheryl Thompson (+61) 16 years ago
I Just wanted to put out a clarification on a past post on my GGreat uncle H.C. Thompson that somebody not mentioning any names, and thanks to the Web Master his post was removed.

COL.Henry Clay Thompson
Enlisted in Co. C of the 8th Tennessee federal Cavalry.
Took part in some of the major engagements of "the Civil War". At conclusion of the Civil War went home, remaining until 1869, when he enlisted in the 5th infantry at St. louis, under command of Nelson A. Miles, served ten years, honorable discharged at Fort Keogh (Miles City), 1879,on Aug.29.
Started with Miles, commanding the 5th Infantry from Fort Leavenworth, in July 1876, for Yellowstone river valley, Montana. While at Fort Keogh took part in major campaigns conducted by Miles against northwest Indians, Sioux and Cheyenne, After being honorable discharge continued as a civilian at Fort Keogh as a scout, guide, trainmaster and packer. He came to the mouth of the tongue river on August 1, 1876. He helped in the building of the first cantonement at the mouth of the tongue where it joins the yellowstone, and was present when the troops moved the next year to the site now occupied by the U.S range livestock experiment station, but then Fort keogh, in honor of Captain Miles Keogh. Col. H.C. Thompson remained in Miles City from his arrival in 1876 until his death on March 20, 1936.

I am sorry to bring this up, but the other night there were really bad things posted about him being a Confederate Soldier, and in fact he was in the Federal Calvary. My father never new anything about his fathers side of the family until we found H. C. Thompson Obit. tucked away in a old family bible. The history i have read about Miles City is amazing, and I just hope thanks to the few of you out there keeping it alive it continues..............
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11978) 16 years ago
Good lord, half of the founders of Miles City were former Confederates. No one cared in those days whose side you were on.

Posted by Buck Showalter (+4455) 16 years ago
There isn't really a nice guy to be found among the founders of MC. Mostly Indian killers and hookers, though I think Miles started to support them near the end.

No one holds that stuff against you. We can hold it against the guy that posted the rude stuff about your Great Grandfather, but you didn't choose your folks.