cats need new homes
Posted by Leonard (+131) 11 years ago
We have several cats and a kitten that showed up at our house. We have been feeding them but wish they had homes away from here. They are getting gentle with a small amount of handling. If you need cats or a cute little kitten please call for directions to our house. Call 234-3439
The kitten is real friendly. I don't know the gender but 'he' is black with white chest and white socks on back legs and white toes on the front paws. We call 'him' Mitten's or Mitt if you happen to be Republican.
Posted by Maryann McDaniel (+257) 11 years ago
Good luck to you.. we had a pregnant female who appeared at our country home with a litter. As soon as we could we had her fixed. She promptly disappeared and her kittens grew up, wouldn't let us near them, procreated, etc., until I think our neighbors think we are horders. Damm, these are feral cats that hardly let us near them. We removed three this week to the SPCA, but have, my husband told me today, another litter. We are at a loss.... Fix your cats! WE are going to trap a few more this weekend and take them to a low-cost clinic to have them fixed. It is an expenditure we cannot afford, but must do. I am in the middle of writing my doctoral dissertation and really do not need this distraction. Bless my husband, he is trying to help.

I will pay to ship by plane about 18 cats to Montana, just promise to be in Billings to pick up!