Anyone watching Rubicon,
Posted by Stone (+1591) 11 years ago
My personal opinion- way better than Mad Men.

My only complaint about any show on AMC is all the commercials.
Posted by dmbohlman (+18) 11 years ago
I love that show. It leaves you with something to think about every week. A lot of my friends have complained about it being slow, which I understand, but I really love the intricacies of how they portray the inner workings of API. I guess they just don't understand the complicated subject matter and would prefer explosions and fight scenes every episode. The actors are relatively unknowns, and just amazing. Arliss Howard is fantastic as Kale Ingram. Contrary to your opinion, I think it has way less commercial breaks than shows on network television. Now I am just mad that I have to wait 8 months for the next season!